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How to read PCA biplots and scree plots

Principal component analysis (PCA) has been gaining popularity as a tool to bring out strong patterns from complex biological datasets. We have answered the question “What is a PCA?” in this jargon-free blog post — check it out for a simple explanation of how PCA works. In a nutshell, PCA… Read more »

Principal component analysis explained simply

As we are entering the era of Big Data, everyone and their moms seem to be talking about PCA. All the papers you read mention PCA (with lots of jargon, of course). Half of the seminars you’ve been to this month touch on PCA. Your boss/collaborators suggest trying PCA on… Read more »

Tracing origin of Atacama ‘alien’ skeleton: A PCA step-by-step example

They found Ata 15 years ago in a deserted Chilean town. She resembled no one on Earth. She had features that would make James Cameron immediately call his director of photography: angular skull, disproportionately large head, and slanted eyes. She was indeed featured in a documentary film about UFOs and… Read more »